Driving instructor training in Kent

Complete training and support for driving instructors

Gain the understanding and skills to make the transition from your day job to a new career as a qualified driving instructor in Kent.

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  • In-house training instructors

    You get in-depth tuition by ordit trainers getting you qualified quicker.

  • 1-2-1 driving instructor training

    We only use 1-2-1 training giving you the focused attention of your instructor resulting in deeper learning and getting the most out of your sessions.

  • Driving instructor training plan

    Achieve your driving instructor certification in a cost effective and time efficient way with our detailed plans.

  • Complete support

    Your future is key to our business and we will support you to your first day as a qualified driving instructor.

  • Guaranteed income

    Our connection to Pass Driving School means that successful driving instructors will have a guaranteed teaching hours after they pass.

A-Z guide to becoming a driving instructor

Download our free guide that covers the process, timescales, earning, and outgoings involved in becoming a driving instructor.

How much can you earn as a driving instructor?

Our free earnings guide gives you a realistic idea of the kind of money you can make when you become a driving instructor.

Want to know more?

Use our friendly contact form to request a callback or a face-to-face meeting or call us on 0800 612 6547 and talk to our team. We welcome any and all questions, and are more than willing to offer advice and support!

John King – Pass Driving Instructor Training’s Lead Instructor